Vax Side Effects Don’t Mean You Have Strong Immune System

If you felt no side effects from your Covid vaccine, should you worry? 

No. Feeling terrible after a vaccine isn’t proof of a healthy immune response, according to University of Massachusetts professor Robert Finberg.
Immune systems have 2 lines of defense against foreign “invaders.” The first innate response is short-lived (hours or days).

The second—the adaptive immune response—is the one that really counts. It takes days to weeks, and hinges on the immune system’s T and B cells. 

  • With mRNA vaccines, 90%+ of people developed the protective adaptive immune response—yet fewer than 50% developed any side effects (and most were mild).

Bottom line: The strength of people’s immune responses to vaccines vary—but post-jab side effects won’t tell you where you stand.
The Washington Post

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