‘Wake-up Call’ for Nations without Strategies

A UN resolution passed last week to address drowning—a major cause of global mortality—is an important step in addressing the neglected crisis, writes Justin Scarr, CEO of Australia’s Chief Royal Life Saving Society in a Devpolicy Blog post

  • Drowning causes 235,600+ deaths annually—more than maternal mortality or malnutrition

  • More than 90% of deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries

Aminur Rahman, drowning prevention director at CIPRB in Bangladesh, told NPRthe resolution is “a wake-up call” for nations without lifesaving strategies. The resolution calls on member states to: 

  • Develop national drowning prevention plans

  • Implement interventions including barriers, supervision, and rescue and resuscitation training

  • Introduce water safety, swimming and first aid lessons in schools

  • Step up data reporting
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