The Bumpy Last Mile

“I think everyone who wants it has already gotten it,” a health worker was told, holding a cooler of soon-to-expire COVID-19 vaccines doses. All went unused.  
Virginia has invested roughly $22.7 million dollars in vaccination outreach efforts, from mobile vaccine vans to marketing materials, Prince William Times reports.  
While ~70% of Virginians have received at least one dose, the bulk of that coverage is in Northern Virginia, leaving swaths of the state vulnerable—and health workers are still hearing a hard ‘no’ from many Virginians. They’re not alone.
Millions of US Johnson & Johnson doses are set to expire this month—partly because in April the FDA paused the jab’s rollout amid safety concerns, which also tainted the jab’s reputation for some, Beckers Hospital Review reports.
Some states are seeking to ship surplus doses to developing countries—and the FDA is reportedly looking into whether the shot’s shelf life can be extended.

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