‘Guys … Why Was I On TV For This?’

If you ever thought you were invisible to the world, imagine how this Hawaiian shirt must have felt. 

Its owner found work-from-home fun in wearing the same colorful top to all of her Zoom meetings. Jackie, a nonprofit worker, promised herself, “I’m gonna keep doing this until someone notices,” HuffPost reports.
The problem: After a stunning 264 meetings, “… no one ever noticed”—raising glaring questions about what else was going over her colleagues’ heads. (She has a new job now.)
But Jackie was relentless, wearing the top day after day as people continued to not compliment it; when zero people said it seemed unprofessional at board meetings; when nary a soul seemed to care if it had been washed. 
In her dauntless quest for Hawaiian shirt recognition, “I had some real ups and downs,” she told Inside Edition, which unlike Jackie’s aloof coworkers, eventually did notice the shirt.

Afterward, she took to TikTok to ask a question of her own:
“What the heck … Why was I on TV for this?”

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