‘How Quickly Things Can Change’

Haiti has stayed relatively off-the-radar in terms of COVID-19 cases—but COVID-19 is now hitting the country hard as it awaits its first delivery of COVAX vaccines, Miami Herald reports.
Compared to Haiti's previous peak last June, cases were up 50% last month.
Several high-profile COVID-19 deaths have brought the crisis into sharp relief. A high number of nuns falling ill suggests the virus has also gained a foothold in dense slums.
In an already fragile health system, demand for beds is skyrocketing; so is the price of oxygen. Donated oxygen concentrators—which provide a few liters a minute—are sub-par for caring for severely ill patients.
Driving the surge: Disregarded public health measures coupled with the rise of 2 highly contagious variants.
Haiti now serves as “a cautionary tale in just how quickly things can change with this virus,” said PAHO chief Carissa F. Etienne, calling on the international community to come to Haiti’s aid.

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