ICE’s Brutal Response to Hunger Strikes

Asylum seekers trapped in a US system rotted with abuse, medical neglect, and denial of due process have little recourse—driving hundreds to hunger strikes as a last resort, according to an ACLU and Physicians for Human Rights report published yesterday.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement answered the strikes with more abuse—including force-feeding, forced hydration, forced urinary catheterization, involuntary blood draws, use of restraints, and threats of deportation, the report reveals.
One driver of ICE's extreme response: Immigrants on hunger strikes can’t be deported, Joanna Naples-Mitchell, one of the report’s lead authors, told BuzzFeed.
Most detainees who go on hunger strikes, though, feel they have no other means to protest or escape—“and it’s an autonomous decision that should be respected,” said Ranit Mishori, a Georgetown University School of Medicine professor.
The Quote: “If I was deported, I'd be dead,” one East African asylum-seeker explained. “And I would rather die in dignity, fighting, than just sit down and wait to be shipped to the slaughterhouse back home.”

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