Making Global Health Voices More Global

GHN reader and contributor Carlos Faerron Guzmán pointed out to us late last week that our “Global Health Voices” aren’t so global. The vast majority come from experts in developed countries.

He’s right. Part of the problem is our reliance on Twitter, which is dominated by people from high-income countries. We also need to be constantly adding to the vibrant voices we follow from all over the world.

We need your help to be more representative of the global health community: 

  • Please send us your suggestions of global health experts who are active on Twitter and deserve a bigger spotlight.

  • We also want to diversify our news sources, so please send us local media sites that share reliable public health news. (Sadly, we’re still dependent on English language sources for now.)

Thanks for your help. And thanks Carlos for the inspiration.—Brian, Dayna, and Annalies

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