The Pandemic Made Fashion Victims of Us All

Little did Everett Sotelo know, learning to bake in 2020 would mean not buttoning his pants for a wedding in 2021.

He’s not alone. For those lucky enough to be emerging from isolation, a fashion crisis awaits, The Washington Post reports. Flinging open their closet doors into a time capsule of “before times,” many dressers now look at skinny jeans and see only torture devices.
Gone is the muscle memory for doing up buttons and other complicated fasteners; the emotional bandwith for anything other than elastic. That headspace is now occupied by tough new questions: Does this even fit? How to dress for a bar mitzvah held in a parking lot?
And according to The New Yorker, even cartoons are newly triggered by dry cleaning. “Wait, I paid extra for dreadfully uncomfortable clothing that costs extra to launder? Was I in a cult?” pondered one illustrated individual.

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