Quack Cure-alls Targeting the ‘Poorest of the Poor’

Many immigrants in the US, unable to access or afford proper COVID-19 treatments, are turning to risky or unproven therapies from alternative clinics or the black market.
At an outdoor flea market in Fresno, California, vendors peddled $25 injections of the steroid dexamethasone, antibiotics, and the antiparasitic drug ivermectin, Amy Maxmen reports.
And farmworkers and other low-income Latino immigrants have emptied their savings on vitamin infusions and peptide therapies for COVID—unproven treatments targeting the “poorest of the poor,” says Sandra Celedon of the Fresno Building Health Communities coalition.
The consequences can be deadly—not only because some unregulated drugs are dangerous, but because they delay people from seeking proper medical care.
The Quote: “I’m not upset at patients when they tell me what they’ve taken,” said Kathleen Page of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “I’m upset about the system that makes it easier for them to get help from nontraditional places than from regular health care.”
The New York Times

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