Third Wave Rising

COVID-19 is accelerating in Africa as reported weekly cases have jumped 44% and deaths are up 20%, CNBC reports.
While the absolute numbers (95,000 cases and 1,400 deaths) are still a small percentage of global numbers, WHO emergencies chief Mike Ryan said the trendline is cause for great concern—especially since official numbers are assumed to be missing many cases.
The difference: The vaccine gap may explain why Africa is facing a potential third wave 18 months into the pandemic: Wealthy countries have delivered 60 vaccines per 100 people. In low-income countries, that number is 1, Ryan said.
Country report: Uganda is essentially out of vaccines and desperately short of oxygen, according to The Guardian. Hospitals in many parts of the country are no longer accepting patients for ICUs. As a measure of the surge, WHO reported 1,735 confirmed cases on Sunday. A month ago, that number was 60.

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