Vaccines Can’t Stand Alone

Widening COVID-19 vaccination coverage has been seen as the ticket to reopening—but new modeling published in JAMA shows that the jabs alone can’t halt the tide of infections without continued restrictions.
Simulating virus spread among 10 million people of North Carolina, researchers found that if vaccines with 90% efficacy were rolled out to 75% of adults:

With precautions lifted, there would be an average of 527,409 new infections
450,575 if they were maintained
Big takeaway: Giving lower-efficacy vaccines to more people would do more to reduce the risk of virus spread than giving more efficacious shots to fewer people, CNN reports.
Magic number? Infections began to decline when coverage approached 75% in the simulation.
The reality: So far, 40% of the US population is fully vaccinated—and states continue to relax pandemic precautions in keeping with updated CDC guidelines.


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