Addressing the Unthinkable Acts Against Uighurs

British MPs accuse the Chinese government of “truly horrifying” crimes against Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province, Al Jazeera reports.
A 37-page report details:

  • Mass detention of over a million Uighurs

  • Forced industrial-scale labor programs

  • Attempts to exterminate Islamic minorities with forced sterilization campaigns

The group implores the international community to take tangible actions to protect Uighurs against acts that have been classified as crimes against humanity and genocide by the House of Commons. 

Specific requests:

  • Boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

  • Ban cotton products linked to Xinjiang—where 57,000+ people are forced to pick cotton.

  • Forbid surveillance companies operating in the region from doing business in Britain

The US has also accused Beijing of genocide in Xinjiang. 

ICYMI: Last month, it was reported that within 20 years, China’s birth control policies could result in up to 4.5 million fewer births among the country’s Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities.

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