Attention Covid-19 Scientists: Men and Women Are Different

We’ve heard a lot about how COVID-19—and vaccines against it—impact men and women differently.
Yet, more than a year into the pandemic, most research ignores this crucial distinction—and scientists are alarmed, Science reports.

The latest research: A Nature Communications study found that among 45 COVID-19 randomized controlled trials published by December 2020, only 8 reported the impact of sex. Other studies (here and here) have reached similar conclusions.
The research that does break COVID-19 down by sex underscores the significance of these differences: A new study has identified a sex-specific immune response that may explain why men are more likely to experience severe disease, Yale News reports.

A quick fix: One way to motivate scientists to do more sex-disaggregated reporting: Make it a condition of funding, suggests Emily Smith, an epidemiologist at George Washington University.

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