Burma-China Spillover

China is reporting an increase in COVID-19 cases in Yunnan province that are likely imported from neighboring Burma (Myanmar), which is experiencing a Delta variant-fueled surge in cases.
As 65 new cases were reported yesterday and 31 on Sunday, Yunnan vice-governor Zong Guoying visited a border city and proclaimed a “fortress of iron” would prevent further transmission.
In Burma, volunteers are going house-to-house collecting the dying and the dead in Yangon and other cities. Hospitals have been emptied out by a strike against the military’s power grab in February.
Officially, there have been 230,000 cases and 5,000+ deaths, but most consider that a huge undercount.
Al Jazeera

‘Everyone is dying’: Myanmar on the brink of decimation – Asia Times
China reports highest number of Covid cases since January – The Guardian

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