​In a Famine, ‘the Richest Guys Grab the Baker’

While the US is struggling to persuade holdouts to get vaccinated, much of the rest of the world is desperate for vaccines.
There are those who choose to be unvaccinated, and those who have no access,tweeted Madhu Pai.
Even health care workers in many parts of the world have been left behind, the BBC reports

  • Just 1 in 8 are fully vaccinated, the vast majority in wealthier countries.
  • There’s a shortfall of ~66.2 million doses for health workers in Africa alone.
  • ~200 of the world’s ~135 million health workers have died each day since the start of the pandemic.

“If this was an airline going down every day with 200 people on board, there’d be immediate investigations,” notes Howard Catton, chief executive of the International Council of Nurses.
What went wrong? An AP deep dive tracks how wealthy countries jostled to develop and control the rollout of vaccines.
It’s like a famine in which “the richest guys grab the baker,” Strive Masiyiwa, the African Union’s envoy for vaccine acquisition, said.
The Quote: “Am I surprised? No, because this is where we were with the HIV pandemic. Eight years after therapeutics were available in the West, we did not receive them and we lost 10 million people,” Masiyiwa said.

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