Flintstone Home Will Not Turn to Rubble

While other homeowners were gardening or focusing on their sourdough starter this past year, 86-year-old Florence Fang was upgrading her home with a giant Bigfoot statue and a life-size Wilma Flintstone, The Mercury News reports.
Sadly, the town of Hillsborough, California isn’t as agreeable a neighbor as Barney Rubble. It derided her homage to the 1960s cartoon The Flintstones as “a highly visible eyesore,” AP reports.
But after settling with the town this week, Fang can let her Flintstone flag fly over I-280, from which drivers can enjoy her baroque-Jurassic aesthetic.  
For Fang—who grew up in China amid WWII—the home is the stuff of childhood dreams, adorned with dinosaur sculptures and flying pig statues.
Yes, it’s not all Wilma and Fred. “The stone family cannot always stay in the stone age,” said Fang, who’s also cooking up plans for a giant beanstalk and a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Need another Flintstones fix? This classic Mental Floss exposé reveals some tantalizing details such as Fred and Wilma were one of the first TV couples to sleep in the same bed. 

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