Floods Turn Henan Roads to Rivers

Devastating floods swept through China’s Henan province, killing more than 2 dozen people—including 12 trapped in an underground subway tunnel yesterday,Bloomberg Green reports

  • At least 7 people missing as of this morning; 100,000 evacuated

  • Yesterday’s rainfall “smashed historical records;” the province capital Zhengzhou has seen a year’s worth of rain in 3 days, according to the BBC.

China’s deluge, coming on the heels of catastrophic flooding in Germany that took at least 160 lives, adds to a relentless stream of extreme weather events across the globe—including heatwaves in North America, wildfires in Siberia, and drought in parts of Africa and Brazil, Bloomberg reports.

It’s a Wake-up Call: “Climate change has made extreme weather like heat waves and floods more frequent and more deadly in the past 20 years,” says Greenpeace East Asia climate and energy campaigner Liu Junyan.

China's weather service says more rains are on the way through the summer, with the national weather service “predicting the concurrence of floods and droughts, more extreme weather events, and more typhoons,” Xinhua reports.

And yet, as Bloomberg reported last week, the country has been reluctant to connect the weather reports to climate change: “As someone working at China's top meteorological department, we're not allowed to over-stress the danger of climate change,” said one researcher who requested anonymity.

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