Let Them Blow Out Candles!

The first time GHN took aim at the germy ritual of blowing out birthday cake candles, we were labeled the office killjoy.
“Thanks for ruining birthday parties!” a colleague responded.
Multiple birthdays later, we are happy to report that the party is back on! All thanks to the Blowzee, a piccolo-sized candle blower-outer for sanitary celebrations. The gizmo was developed by a stay-at-home dad and his 12-year-old son during the long days of Zoom school—and frustrations with abuse faced by birthday cakes, UVA Today reports
“There’s really no other food that you would do that to,” said Jake Apelt.
The duo toiled through dozens of tests on confections before landing on a product that would sell like hot-cakes and appear on late night TV.  

The ultimate test: WIll Mitt Romney, who has made clear his preference for plucking and blowing out each candle individually, be blown away by the Blowzee?

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