Uttar Pradesh Mulls 2-Child Limit

A proposed population control policy in India’s most populous state would incentivize families to have just 2 children—and offer prime perks like preferential admission to educational institutions to those having just one, The Print reports.

  • The state government proposal opens for public comment in July and would then need to be ratified by lawmakers.

UP’s population density is more than double the national average, CNN reports. Still, critics questioned the reasoning, given that India’s overall population curve is already flattening as women in most states have fewer children, BBC reports.
And, given the overwhelming preference for sons in India, the policy could further drive sex-selective abortions.
It also neglects the heart of the matter, contends Poonam Muttreja, executive director of Population Foundation of India: “UP has an 18% unmet need for contraception - instead of disempowering women further, we should be ensuring that they have access to a wide basket of contraceptive devices.”

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