A Very Brief Bez-xit

Billionaire Amazon scion Jeff Bezos forked over $5.5 billion this week to fulfill a childhood dream: a 4-minute sojourn into suborbital space.
The problem for many: He came back.  
“Billionaires should not exist...on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter, they should stay there,” read a Change.org petition—created by one “Ric G” and signed by 160,000 Earthlings—for him to remain in space, Indy100 reports.
Among the billionaire’s companions for the “best day ever:” His brother and some 18-year-old kid whose dad couldn’t make the flight he’d shell out $28 million for.
The space romp left many calculating what else that money could have been spent on.
How about fully funding COVAX, or humanitarian efforts across the globe? Or saving 37.5 million people from starving? posited Global Citizen.
But, a Reason article reasons, Bezos’s space launch could have a trickle-down effect that might make space travel “a feasible vacation option” for non-billionaires someday—if you’re into that sort of thing.

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