Would You Hire Pepper the Robot?

Like for so many of us, Robby Pepper’s career hasn’t gone as planned.
While his resume bragged that he was among the first humanoid robots able to read emotions, he’s been sacked from numerous jobs: 

  • It couldn’t cut it reading scripture to mourners. 
  • Exercise classes for the elderly fell apart when he took “a series of unplanned breaks after malfunctioning.” 

Production of Peppers has been stalled until demand ramps up—but perhaps the flaw lies in homo sapiens’ unrealistic expectations:
“Because it has the shape of a person, people expect the intelligence of a human,” said Chiba Institute of Technology’s Takayuki Furuta.
At this rate, Peppers could be headed for extinction. 
But wait! We’ve heard there are some vacancies for robots at the Tokyo Games, Axios reports. We’re pulling for you, Pepper.

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