Back to School—Violence

US children returning to what will be another fraught, pandemci school year were greeted by people protesting mask mandates—some of whom resorted to violence.
School teachers and administrators have been attacked, screamed at, and hit in confrontations across the US, Axios reports.

  • An Austin-area teacher was assaulted by a parent who ripped off her mask while others yelled at another teacher.
  • In Northern California, a teacher trying to prevent a protester from attacking a principal was left bleeding and in need of hospital treatment, according to The Sacramento Bee. The protester was charged with 3 misdemeanors.

The Quote: “We’ve sunk so low that we’re now threatening and in some cases physically attacking teachers because they care about your children,” wrote Ric Murtland in a letter to the editor in the Virginian-Pilot.
Related: Anne Lutz Fernandez School Covid mask rules have sparked parent-teacher violence. We can't ignore it. – NBC News (commentary)

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