Biden Retains Border-Blocking Measure

The Biden administration extended a public health order allowing border officials to quickly expel asylum-seeking refugees yesterday, drawing protest from human rights organizations, Politico reports.
The updated CDC order renews a  March 2020 Trump administration policy that was framed as a pandemic-fighting measure.

The Biden administration cited the Delta variant, record arrivals at the border, overcrowded facilities, and a “significant uptick in the number of migrants testing positive for Covid-19,” as justification. 

  • The ACLU pledged to take the issue back to the courts.

  • Oxfam says the order is a violation of human rights under the US Immigration and Nationality Act and international law.

It’s also counterproductive, according to Oxfam, citing Physicians for Human Rights findings that the order increased health risks by forcing those affected to wait in crowded areas, increasing exposure to COVID-19.

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