Big Oxygen Bullied Mexican Hospitals

When COVID-19 drove up demand for medical oxygen in Mexico, supply lines got shaky and prices soared—pushing some hospitals to embrace plans to build their own plants.
A hospital in Guanajuato built an onsite oxygen generator plant that supplied the entire hospital and quickly paid for itself in savings—a move encouraged by the WHO.
Big Oxygen responds: But the country’s 2 dominant liquid oxygen suppliers— Grupo Infra and Praxair Mexico—soon pushed back to protect their profits, firing off legal breach-of-contract threats laced with steep fines and false safety claims.
“This seems to be the playbook for some big gas companies,” said Leith Greenslade, coordinator of the Every Breath Counts Coalition, who said the legal letters sought  to “bamboozle the reader into submission.” 

Several hospitals abandoned plans to build onsite plants as a result.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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