China’s Notorious Groovin’ Grannies

Many people, should they happen upon a horde of square-dancing grannies, would think, “How charming!” For their neighbors—and Chinese regulators—it’s “let’s slap a fine on that.”
In the killjoy to end all killjoys, the government is considering new fines and penalties for noise pollution that would make rebels of these revelers.
The elderly dancers have been a “constant source of tension” in recent years, invading public spaces and rocking out to “deafeningly” loud music at dusk or dawn.
Some detractors have installed decibel counters and thrown eggs—or worse—at the partiers.
But the groovin’ grannies are undeterred, taking their show on the road to the Louvre and Moscow’s Red Square—an international embarrassment for some.
All we can say is: Haters gonna hate.
South China Morning Post

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