A Gyrating Elvis Directs Traffic in Germany

Elvis crooned about being the King of the Road, but had to settle for playing traffic cop … until Friedberg, Germany, honored him by adorning traffic lights with his flashing silhouette.
Other cities, rounded up by Atlas Obscura, are copying The King’s moves: 

  • In Trier, Germany, pedestrians must follow Karl Marx’s traffic directions, if not his philosophies.

  • Traffic light Vikings deter would-be jaywalkers in Aarhus, Denmark.

  • Same-sex couples walking hand-in-hand light the way for pedestrians during annual Pride events in London and Madrid.

  • Sebastian Kneipp, a Catholic priest and 19th-century forefather of the naturopathic medicine movement, directs traffic (alongside Elvis) in Bad Nauheim, Germany. Endearingly, in his clerical coat, people initially mistook him for a ninja—or a Jedi Knight.

So, cities with boring old circular traffic lights–-time to step up your game! 

Atlas Obscura

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