Humanity Hinges on COVAX

The beleaguered COVAX alliance to distribute COVID-19 vaccines around the world should soon get a boost of 500 million donated doses—but it’s still half a billion doses shy of its goal, just as the Delta variant deepens the threat for many poor countries.
What went wrong? A tangled mess of greed, infighting, bureaucracy, and distribution challenges have allowed vaccines to pile up unused in some countries, while others are fighting for their share.
But WHO senior advisor Bruce Aylward challenges the idea that supply is the issue: “The world is making a couple hundred million doses a week, so there’s not a supply problem  … There’s a choice problem.” he says.
But COVAX is still the best hope—and the only option, as Ayoade Alakija, a co-chair of the African Union’s vaccine delivery program, emphasized.
“For the sake of humanity, Covax must work,” Alakija says.

The New York Times

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