Left Behind in Afghanistan

The rapid US departure from Afghanistan is leaving much behind: Humvees, equipment, gear, a host of health issues for the country—and children.
During the crush of people desperate to flee the Kabul airport, children were separated from their parents, including a group of boys now being cared for by the US military, Jane Ferguson reports for PBS

  • There were so many people at the gate, and everyone was pushing, a little boy told Ferguson. 

Some don’t know whether their parents are in the US or Afghanistan. If theiri parents are known to be headed to the US, officials are writing “USA” on the child’s hand.
Meanwhile, Afghans are facing a host of health issues, WHO’s Rick Brennan said on the Here & Now radio program

  • Of its 38 million people, just 2% have received even a single COVID-19 vaccine dose.
  • 8.5 million people were in need of humanitarian assistance before the latest crisis.

The WHO has just days of medical supplies left, Brennan said. The organization is negotiating with the Taliban to deliver 500 metric tons of medical supplies, according to the UN.

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