In Mere Moments, Delta Finds an Opening

In a Marin County, California elementary school—where masks and social distancing were in place—an unvaccinated teacher unmasked for story time. Within days of discovering she had been infected with the Delta variant, half her class had it, too.
The case study was highlighted by the CDC as a cautionary tale in Delta’s savvy for spreading.
Beware: A recent simulation predicted that in elementary schools without masks or regular testing, over 75% of children could be infected in the first 3 months.
But a vaccine for younger children may not be approved until 2022—and researchers say Delta’s rising threat may be reason to expedite the process.
“If delta wasn’t making children sick and hospitalizing them, it might make sense to take more time to look at the safety profile,” said vaccine expert Julie Morita, of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 
The Washington Post

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