A ‘Sad Day for Africa’

Africa’s COVID-19 deaths hit a record high for the week ending August 1, the WHO Regional Office for Africa reports

  • 6,400+ deaths (a 2% rise compared with the week prior)

  • Cases rose 19% to 278,000+

  • South Africa and Tunisia accounted for the most—over 55%—of the fatalities

  • Death trends climbing in 15 countries

With a third wave still rising on the continent, “it’s a sad day for Africa,” said WHO’s Phionah Atuhebwe.
Africa has received 91 million COVID-19 vaccine doses so far. 

  • Deliveries ticked up in late July—but still, just 1.7% of Africa’s population—~24 million—are fully immunized.

  • Several big vaccine shipments are due in September, requiring comprehensive distribution strategies.

Vaccine hesitancy: In countries like the DRC, rampant misinformation is dissuading even health workers from getting the shots, The Guardian reports

  • More than 70% of DRC health care workers said they’d refuse the vaccine, according to a study published in Vaccines in February.

  • DRC was the most vaccine-wary of 15 countries polled by the African Union in a survey published in March, with 38% of the population expressing hesitancy.
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