CDC Director Expands Booster Eligibility

A CDC advisory panel greenlit Pfizer booster shots for millions of Americans on Thursday—and the CDC director took the rare step of overruling the panel on a key recommendation. 
The panel endorsed a third jab for people 65+; older, nursing home residents; people in the 50- 64 age group who have underlying health issues, AP reports.
People in those groups should wait at least 6 months after their second shot to get the booster.
The panel’s decisions largely reflected the FDA’s recommendations earlier this week, except that the CDC panel decided not to recommend boosters for people at risk because of their work, The Washington Post reports.
CDC director Rochelle Walensky okayed her panel’s recommendations but sided with the FDA and cleared 18- to 64-year-olds considered at high risk in institutional or occupational settings.
Related: Here is who voted on which booster-shot policies the C.D.C. should adopt. – The New York Times

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