Imagine 216 Million on the Move

Rising sea levels, water scarcity and declining crop productivity could displace 216 million people within their own countries by 2050—hitting the world’s poorest countries the hardest, a World Bank report released this week shows.  
Climate migration hotspots could flare up as soon as 2030, intensifying by 2050, according to the Groundswell 2.0 modeling report, displacing 86 million in Sub-Saharan Africa alone, plus: 

  • 19 million in North Africa
  • 40 million in South Asia
  • 49 million in East Asia and the Pacific

Climate change is already a reality, but the impact can be lessened, the report’s authors say.
Reducing greenhouse gases, closing development gaps and restoring ecosystems could slash the migration number by 80%—to 44 million people.
The Straits Times

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