Long-Haulers Become Their Own Experts

While COVID-19 long-haulers have been the squeaky wheel that brought attention to the condition, many now feel failed by sub-par research and dismissed by researchers who’ve angled their approach toward their own specialties, writes Ed Yong in the Atlantic.
One major pitfall, according to long-haulers: Some research efforts are “missing the full picture because they’re treating long COVID as a completely new entity, and ignoring telling similarities to other complex illnesses” like chronic fatigue syndrome, Yong writes.
Some long-haulers have taken matters into their own hands, conducting their own influential research on the arc of long-term symptoms, still experienced by millions—many of whom are still sick from ‘first wave’ infections.

Can vaccines stop these long-hauler numbers from growing? That’s a big open question, and long COVID cases among the vaccinated aren’t being tracked.
But there is a promising development: A Lancet study published yesterday found that receiving 2 vaccine doses halved the likelihood of having symptoms 28+ days after post-vaccination infection.


Long Covid in children 'nowhere near scale feared' – BBC

COVID long-haulers may be at risk for severe kidney disease – CIDRAP

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