Missing Suicide’s Signals Among Black Youth

For some years, research has shown suicide in America is particularly dire for Black youth.
A study published earlier this month found that the trend is worsening.
From 2003–2017:

  • 1,810 Black 5- to 17-year-olds died by suicide
  • Over 2.5X more Black boys died by suicide than Black girls
  • BUT: The rate of increase for Black girls—6.6%—was twice that of Black boys

Signs may be missed: For example, symptoms of ADHD—which has been linked to suicide in Black youth—include irritability and interpersonal challenges. But they may also be missed as signs of depression.
For those who engage with Black youth, it’s key to be educated about the “nuanced, subtle behaviors that actually might be indicating that a child is at risk,” says NYU’s Michael A. Lindsey.
Scientific American

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