The Moderna Edge?

Emerging data show the Moderna vaccine may retain higher effectiveness over Pfizer’s as months go by, but experts caution that it’s still early days and the comparisons may be flawed, Axios reports.

CDC study released last week showed that Moderna-vaccinated people had a significantly lower risk of being hospitalized than those who got Pfizer or J&J jabs.

Possible factors: 

  • Moderna’s “much higher dosing regimen” 
  • Its longer interval between first and second shots 
  • The fact that the Pfizer vaccine rolled out first and went to nursing home residents and older people initially.

Wait for it:  Obviously, lots more data—especially on Moderna’s durability—is yet to come.

Moderna In Africa: After Moderna said last October that it would not enforce patents on its vaccine during the pandemic, some saw a glimmer of hope for Africa to produce COVID-19 vaccines, Reuters reports.

Then the hope ran into reality (and lawyers).

A WHO tech-transfer hub in South Africa has failed to reach a deal with Moderna on sharing production know-how. Even if the hub is able to move ahead without Moderna’s assistance, it will likely be more than a year before vaccines could get into African arms.

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