Red-Tape Hinders Migrant Vaccine Access

Administrative policies are preventing nearly 4 million undocumented migrants across 10 European countries from getting COVID-19 vaccines, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports.
Migrants in Germany, Spain, Norway, and Bulgaria must have ID, a health card, or a residency permit to get vaccinated, while other countries like Hungary and Belgium only make vaccinations available to people with a social security number.
Red-tape sample: An online registration form in Italy doesn’t have a place for 500,000+ migrants to enter an official number that allows them to access health care.
Larger split: The unequal access to vaccines for migrants reflects a larger disparity of COVID-19 experiences across Europe, according to a report released today by the European Council on Foreign Relations.
The survey reveals vast differences in pandemic experiences across regions and age groups, The Guardian reports.  

  • While 72% of Danish and 65% of German respondents said they hadn’t been significantly affected by the coronavirus, 65% of Hungarians and 64% of Spanish surveyed said the opposite.

Report authors said the sharp divisions could impact on European policy for years and likened their severity of divisions to those that emerged during the eurozone debt crisis and the 2015 migration crisis.

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