Summing up Global Vaccine Hesitancy

Results from a new global survey released today show more than half of those who are unvaccinated in 50+ countries indicated they definitely or probably won’t get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Key reasons for hesitation, according to August 16–31 results from the survey, include:

  • Fears about side effects
  • A desire to ‘wait and see’ until more people are vaccinated
  • Lack of confidence in vaccines’ effectiveness

The latest survey results are in a new dashboard, produced in collaboration by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Facebook and WHO’s Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, is powered by data from 12 million+ people from 115 countries. 

Data snapshot: In many countries, large percentages of the population say they would choose to get their children vaccinated once a shot becomes available.

  • India and Guatemala: Over 90%
  • Mozambique: 86%
  • US: 72%
  • Serbia: 47%

The survey—thought to be the world’s largest daily survey of global COVID knowledge, attitudes and practices—is releasing new data every 2 weeks.

Join the conversation: CCP is hosting a webinar on the new dashboard

Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (news release)

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