Taco Pro Quo

Do X, and enjoy a lifetime supply of Y.  
We’ve all wondered what happens with deals like this one.
22 years ago, the Mexican restaurant Casa Sanchez in San Francisco promised a lifetime of free food to those tattooed with its logo. Now, we know what happened.

Casa Sanchez—led by one particularly zealous employee—was already promoting the deal when they realized it might cost almost $6 million to make good on. 

Luckily for them, it wasn’t really about free food.
For Greg Tietz, the opportunity satisfied a different hunger: the gnawing indecision about what to get for his first tattoo, which “really needs to mean something.”
And what means more than a permanent homage to a sombrero-clad boy riding a corn cob… that can feed you? Dozens of inked-up enthusiasts tended to agree. Many became friends.
2 decades later: The body art may be fading and the restaurant no more—but the tats that bind this inked-up cohort? They still nourish.

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