Targeted and Beaten Down

Medical workers aren’t the only ones suffering burnout during COVID-19 in the US. The pandemic is exacting a steep toll from public health workers as well.
Meet Alexandra, a public health policy researcher for a municipal agency in a large northeastern city. She did 3 years of full-time work in 12 months. Anxiety, depression, and stress-related illnesses were common among her coworkers. She quit her job.
CDC survey of 26,000+ public health workers published last July found PTSD was 10 to 20% higher among them than frontline medical workers and the public.
Many workers say they’ve been blamed for COVID-19 deaths and that elected officials have pressured them to change “findings to fit a political agenda.”
The Guardian

Minority-serving institutions to help create pipeline for more diverse public health workforce – Axios

Building resilience and well-being: keys to avoiding the worst of a looming shortage of health care workers – STAT (commentary)

Mental Health and Social Support for Healthcare and Hospital Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Center for Health Security

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