Can We Bear ‘Fat Time’ Again?

We only wish our extra lockdown pounds were billed as a “celebration of success and survival”… but we aren’t the brown bears of Katmai National Park.
It seems like only yesterday that GHN was fat feting the “King of Chonk,” crowned Katmai’s fattest bear of 2020.
Somehow it’s already time to weigh in again as Alaska’a bears stocky-up for winter, unaware that their heroic salmon hunt has been co-opted as a March Madness-style spectacle on something called “the internet.”
And once again, Katmai’s Twitter account, an all-star of alliteration, is tracking every round:
Will “151 Walker, more orb than bear” edge out fledgling fisherbears who “deserve plaudits for their pudge”? Or: “Will 480’s “eat more, move less” mantra make for a win?” 
Until next week, it’s all up for gluttonous grabs.
So if you believe in democracy at all, you’ll cast your vote after researching each candidate’s corpulence campaign on the live cam.
Smithsonian Magazine

Thanks for the tip, Clementine Winny!

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