Falling Behind in Vaccinations: Women

During the early COVID-19 vaccine campaigns in South Sudan, Gabon and Somalia, just 30% of people vaccinated were women—raising concerns that women were being left behind across Africa as well as Asia and the Middle East, the AP reports.
Possible reasons include:

  • Some women need their husbands’ permission.
  • They may lack technology to schedule vaccinations.
  • Others are reluctant to risk missing work because of side-effects. 

Another major issue: Misinformation.

  • Some women are concerned by disproven rumors that the vaccine causes infertility.
  • A woman in Gambia shared with an AP reporter a viral video of a woman with a spoon stuck to her arm. She claimed the COVID-19 vaccine had “magnetized” her.

The Quote: “We do see, unfortunately, that even as COVID vaccines arrive in Africa after a long delay, women are being left behind,” said Abdahalah Ziraba, with the African Population and Health Research Center. “This could mean they will suffer a heavier toll during the pandemic.”

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