Meet Your CHO: Chief Heat Officer

Cities across the globe are ground zero for rising temperatures.
A key reason: The “urban heat island” effect that can leave city centers considerably warmer than surrounding areas. London, for example, can be 10C hotter during extreme heat events than outer rural areas, a BMJ analysis notes.
Behind the phenomenon:

  • Materials like metal, concrete, and brick that absorb and store heat from the sun
  • A lack of vegetation limits the cooling effect of evaporation from the soil
  • Heat released by human activities (eg, transport, lighting, air conditioning) becomes trapped in “urban street canyons.”

To address the extreme heat, Athens, Miami, and now Freetown, Sierra Leone have appointed chief heat officers, Thomson Reuters Foundation reports.
In her 1-year tenure as Freetown CHO, 34-year-old “mother on a mission” Eugenia Kargbo aims to collect new heat and housing data, and plant hundreds of thousands of trees to cool the city and prevent deadly landslides.  
Kargbo's aim: For her children to be able to leave the house without fear of heat stroke.


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