Net-Zero Emissions and Child Health

As global leaders gear up for next week’s UN climate change conference in Glasgow, yet more win-win data is emerging about the benefits of reducing carbon emissions.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine researchers examined the health effects of nitrogen dioxide in car exhaust and fine particulate matter in 16 cities from Manila to Mexico City. The researchers then estimated air pollution’s impacts on children and modeled the benefits of a transition to net-zero emissions. They found that each year net-zero could prevent:

  • 20,000+ new cases of asthma
  • 43,000+ premature births
  • 22,000+ births

And the bad news: A report from the UK-based policy institute Chatham House report warns of a cascade of climate hazard impacts including extreme heat, drought, and storms that could cause increasing food insecurity, population displacement, and conflict with profound effects in Africa and Asia by 2030.

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