Searching for COVID Treatments That Already Exist

Could the next COVID-19 treatment already be in the global medicine cabinet?
In a project looking at 8 drugs to find out, 1 inexpensive antidepressant looks promising, AP reports.

Major advantage: The drug is already widely available in many poorer countries, and would cost just $4 for a course of COVID-19 treatment. For comparison: Antiviral IV treatments come in at around $2,000.
Flagged by researchers for its anti-inflammatory properties, fluvoxamine could help fill a treatment gap for COVID-19 outpatients, who make up the lion’s share of COVID-19 patients but have few effective treatment options, an accompanying commentary notes.
After fluvoxamine showed promise in smaller COVID-19 studies, this Lancet Global Health study followed ~1,500 high risk COVID-19 outpatients in Brazil and found that 11% of those who took the drug required hospitalization, compared to 16% in the placebo group.

Open questions: What’s the best dosage? Will lower-risk patients benefit? Will the pill work well alongside other treatments?

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