Seeking Scientists with Luxe Locks

Big news: The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists is always accepting applications, according to Mental Floss.
Background: As a psych doctoral candidate, Robin Abrahams dreamed she was invited to edit a prestigious psychology journal requiring all articles to mention Steven Pinker's luxuriant, flowing hair, explains club sponsor Improbable Research (the same folks who bring you the annual Ig Nobel awards). 

The rest is hairstory.
Evidence-based application criteria:

  • Photographic evidence (Note: the below-the-clavicle rule is strict, do not attempt to fudge the data)
  • Proof of your scientific credentials
  • Pithy expression of why you belong written in standard LFHCfS format

Deadline: Ideally, while you still have hair … however, there is a subchapter for scientists who have a luxuriant head of former hair.
Ed. Note: We can’t believe we hadn’t heard of this club. If you are a member, you must tell us so we can create a GHN chapter … dkerecm1 [at] (subject: LFHCfS%20membership) (send Dayna a note)!

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