Vaccines: September Target Missed by Many

WHO’s numbers continue to detail a dire global vaccine gap, despite the World Health Assembly’s goal of vaccinating 10% of the global population by September 30.
Zooming in on Africa:

  • Some 70% of African nations have not reached the 10% target, the WHO said yesterday. 
  • Almost 90% of wealthy countries have, Devex reports.
  • Overall, just 4% of Africa’s population has been fully vaccinated.

Major roadblock: Distribution was derailed when India (a key COVAX player) restricted exports of doses in March to cope with its own crisis.
Starting in July, donations from wealthier countries began to help plug the gap—but just 15% of doses pledged to Africa have materialized, WHO said earlier this month. And delivery plans are murky.
Good news: 23 million doses arrived in Africa last month, a 10-fold increase from June.
15 African countries did meet the goal—or exceed it—including Seychelles and Mauritius, Morocco, Tunisia, and South Africa.
What sets them apart: WHO said countries that met the goal had access to multiple sources besides COVAX, Medical Xpress reports.

Take note: Though it met the 10% goal overall, South Africa vaccine coverage is patchy. And some rural areas are actually achieving wider coverage than provinces with major urban centers. What’s their secret? Bhekisisa broke it down—and mobile clinics are part of the success story.

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