A Way Out for the Immunocompromised?

For the immunocompromised, COVID-19 vaccines offer no sure route to normalcy, given the slim chance that the shots will provoke a sufficient immune response in them.
It’s difficult to pin down how many Americans fall into this category—but it’s estimated that if this group were a state, it would roughly equal Pennsylvania’s population of 12.8 million, Slate reports.  
While high vaccination rates against other infectious diseases like measles and polio have created reliable herd immunity, patchy COVID-19 vaccine coverage doesn't provide them with a similar level of confidence. 

A ticket out? Taken prophylactically, monoclonal antibody cocktails (a COVID-19 treatment) have shown promise for protecting immunocompromised people.
“The monoclonal antibodies I got stand in for the ones my own immune system failed to produce”—and while they’re imperfect  “they’re pretty good,”  writes Lindsay Ryan, an ER physician who is immunocompromised, in another piece for Slate.

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