Back to School… Without the Bus Drivers

Back in September, the story of Massachusetts school children taking a party bus with stripper poles to school went viral.
But this was just one extreme manifestation of a national school transportation crisis.
More than half of responding districts in one national survey said their bus driver shortage was “severe” or “desperate.”
Why? The pandemic pivot to remote learning forced mass bus driver layoffs, and like in other low-wage industries, bus companies struggle to get drivers back—particularly when these workers’ average age is 56, an age bracket 40X more likely to die of COVID-19 than 18-29 year-old workers.  
“I need the money, but it’s just not worth the risk,” said former Georgia bus driver Sally Morgan, age 60.

NB: This article was printed in September, before vaccines were available for kids under 12 in the US.
The Hustle Thanks for the tip, Cecilia Meisner!

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