Results Are In: HPV Vax Works

A new Lancet study offers proof that England’s 13-year-old HPV vaccination program prevented thousands of women from developing cervical cancer—not just precancers, The Guardian reports

  • Women—now in their 20s—who received the Cervarix HPV vaccine at age 12 or 13 saw an 87% reduction in cervical cancer compared to the expected rate among unvaccinated women.  
  • 62% - reduction for those vaccinated between ages 14 and 16.
  • 34% - reduction for those vaccinated when they were 16 to 18.  

The stunning results show promise for boosting confidence in the HPV vaccine and may help sway parents who may have been hesitant to get their girls vaccinated, CBC reports.
Here it is“Many of us assumed it prevented cancers, but there were non-believers who wanted to see the cancer data. So here it is. Now we have it,” says Amanda Selk of the Society of Canadian Colposcopists. 

In the UK and elsewhere, Gardasil is now the go-to HPV vaccine.

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