Rising Humidity Linked to Suicide Uptick

Intense bouts of humidity have been linked to increased rates of suicide, a new study in Nature finds—highlighting the climate crisis’s growing impact on mental health. 

The study, drawn from data in 60 countries between 1979 and 2016, found that humidity poses an even greater threat than heat waves. Humidity can hamper the body’s ability to regulate its temperature, exacerbating sleep deprivation and anxiety. 

Especially susceptible:

  • Women and young people 
  • People in hot countries like Thailand and Guyana–-but also those in European countries not accustomed to higher humidity, including Sweden and Belgium

The Quote: “It’s the shock of going from colder temperatures to extreme temperatures that is dangerous to mental health,” said study co-author Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson of the University of Sussex. 

The Guardian

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